A CASS rule mapping is essential for each firm and any  Senior Manager with prescribed responsibility for CASS under SM&CR.

Maintaining a comprehensive  and up to date CASS rule mapping  enables a Senior Manager to demonstrate the ‘reasonable steps’ that they have taken to protect client money and minimise the risks of ongoing CASS breaches.

The objectives of a CASS rules mapping are to identify :

  • the  CASS rules that are relevant to the firm;
  • the risks that the firm may breach each relevant rule;
  • the key CASS controls in place to reduce those risks and prevent/detect rule breaches;
  • who has responsibility for each key CASS control;
  • where each key CASS control is evidenced; and
  • the frequency  for the operation of each key CASS control.

The FRC Client Asset Assurance Standard, introduced  in 2015 and updated in November 2019, means that each firm is expected to maintain an up to date CASS rule mapping.

Your CASS rule mapping solution

Thanks to extensive experience and a well proven structured approach, Broad Reach  can produce you an effective and comprehensive CASS rule mapping.  If you would like assistance or advice in producing or reviewing your CASS mapping then please do make contact.